Friday, January 21, 2011

In the beginning....

Let me tell you about why this blog has come to be. 
Now I don’t want to put a downer on things from the outset, that is not my intention, but the story needs to be told.
I prefer to look at it as some small positive to come out of a tragedy.
On Monday 17th January 2011 I lost a dear friend. Her name was Kylie and there was nobody quite like her.  She formed part of a circle of friends which came together at first online and then over 10 years most of us met in person until we formed the most amazing bond.  Our circle.
Kylie was only 34 years old and taken from a family who adored her without any warning, she had 4 children, the youngest being only aged one. Her passing left us devastated, saddened beyond belief, numb.  She was so young, she had just started her own business making the most amazing cakes,  in fact I was messaging to and fro with her about one for my daughter’s 10th birthday just an hour or so before she was taken from us.
I have decided that I need to start this blog, I have always wanted to write but have never laboured under the illusion that anything I may pen would be worth actually publishing.  I love the written word, I love creating an image in people’s minds with nothing more than words.  I have thought about this for years but never seemed to get around to doing anything about it.  That changed on 18th January when I realised that tomorrow is promised to nobody.  If you want to do something you have to do it now. Today.  Seize the moment!
I cannot promise that what I write will be worth reading , but I do feel it is worth writing.  In a way it is just for me, something perhaps my family can look at once I have shuffled off this mortal coil. (I often wished my mum had written things down about her life, her feelings, herself. It would have been something for me to treasure).
So Kylie, you have inspired me to just do it. I hold you responsible.  If it sucks blame her.
Honestly she would laugh at that...and then call me a skank.


  1. LMAO @ blame her!! Well that's what she gets for ditching us well before her time!

    I am so glad you have started this. You have an amazing way with words and its time that the rest of the world get to experience that.

    Looking forward to the next installment my dear friend xxx

  2. Good on you, can;t wait to see what you have install for us xx

  3. As always... here cheering you on! Your amazing!

  4. Yep, she would definitely laughed and called you a Skank, then probably have given you a MWAH!

    Looking forward to reading future posts.

  5. If it sucks blame her... what a load of crock... You need to write interesting talk for us always, you too keep us in stitches. So in Kylie's words MWAH Skank.

  6. Love the name, CS, mine is not very inspiring...The Musings of Badmumma but I too got on the bandwagon a few days ago, inspired by Mark's Dark Thoughts.....not sure I have anything inspiring...or perhaps 'anything worth writing' but hey that has never stopped me so why change the habits of a lifetime....not sure how it will evolve but at the moment is definitely musings.
    Keep seizing the moment!!!!